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The Portable MBA in Investment Edited by Peter L Bernstein a state-of-the-art program in investment principles and applications from top-flight professionals "Peter Bernstein and his Dream Team tacklбэохюe the entire investment spectrum—from soup to nuts—and emerge triumphant Must reading for all investors—even those who already have their MBAs" —Jack R Meyer, President and CEO Harvard Management Company, Inc "This book provides a treasure chest for the вкншуserious student of investment" —William Reichenstein, Power Chair in Investment Management Baylor University "This is an indispensable resource for anyone who is serious about investing The lucid and insightful contributions by highly respectedexperts successfully blend theory with practice" —Claude Erb, Managing Editor First Chicago Investment Management Company "Peter Bernstein has uniquely facilitated a revolution in investment thinking and practice over thвсдшзe last several decades Students of investing everywhere are fortunate to have such a useful guide to some of the best practices in use today by the professional investment industry" —Patricia C Dunn, Managing Director and CEO Defined Benefit Group "This book isan excellent addition to the investment bookshelf It's long on substance, as readers of Peter Bernstein have come to expect of his work" —Charles Froland, Managing Director Stanford Investment Management Company Once upon a time, Wall Street lived off nice little homilies like "buy low and sell high" and "don't put all your eggs in one basket" But investors can no longer depend on such well-worn proverbs Today, the winners on Wall Street employ a body of theory that transforms logic, psychology, and statistical sophistication into a powerful package of systematic principles for successful investing This body of theory is the investor's survival kit in a financial world flooвуачтded with information, novel strategies, and dazzling financial instruments The Portable MBA in Investment is a comprehensive guide to investing in today's world of finance, with emphasis on converting theoretical concepts into profitable applications Edited by Peter L Bernstein, one of the most knowledgeable and respected names in finance, The Portable MBA in Investment is ideal for serious investors, people with fiduciary responsibilities, business managers, professionals, and students pursuing investment careers The book brings together an all-star team of experienced investment professionals and leading academics Their lucid and authoritative contributions explain the state-of-the-art approach to everything from setting objectives and choosing strategies to asset allocation, valuation, risk management, tax considerations, and performance measurement In his introduction, Peter Bernstein states, "The essence of investment theory is that being smart is not a suвучжыfficient condition for being rich This book is about the missing ingredients" The Portable MBA in Investment enables you to experience top-level instruction on investment principles at your own pace—without the time and expense of an MBA program OTHER SERIES TITLES: The New Portable MBA The Portable MBA in Marketing The Portable MBA in Finance and Accounting The Portable MBA in Management The Portable MBA Desk Reference The Portable MBA in Entrepreneurship.

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